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Update work in progress - caos-1
Quick Q and A
Q: How do I get a non-root build environment working?
A: A quick lesson in using rpm (through its rpmbuild binary) with yum, to build stuff:
  1. Make sure your system is up to date:
    $ sudo yum -y update
  2. Install the RPM package building sub-package:
    $ sudo yum -y install rpm-build
  3. Then wget, chmod 755, and run ./RPM-build-tree.txt from http://www.oldrpm.org/hintskinks/buildtree/RPM-build-tree.txt -- This sets up a build directory structure for a non-root user, which the RPM Package Management system needs.
  4. Get a .src.rpm -- There are lots of 'SRPM' (source RPMs, marked by the suffix pair .src.rpm) archives in the world, and many fine packagers.
  5. rpmbuild -ba that.src.rpm; some tarballs have embedded .spec files (which are the meta-'recipe' for assembling the contents of the tarball , its patches, configuration files, and any pre- and post-actions.
  6. Additional developmental libraries, or compilation aid programs build environment stuff might be needed -- autoconf will tell you; rpmbuild will tell you; yum will get it and install it (and its dependencies) for you.
But remember: Always BUILD as NON-ROOT -- Please file bugs if you cannot do so for a given package. More information available at: http://www.oldrpm.org/ and the resources listed there.

Q: How do I set up a clean build chroot?
A: A build chroot is usually a populated copy of a complete build environment (but otherwise sparse -- see the 'thought piece' on this matter, 'reproduceable builds'; this piece is interesting, as building in a clean buildchroot was generally considered excessive at the time it was written), which is entered as the non-root building user, to build a package.

For systems running yum-2 or later, our script ftp://ftp.owlriver.com/pub/local/ORC/ORCrebuild/ORCyum-chroot-caos can do the heavy lifting. It is presently targetted to set up a cAos-1 build environment as the master build chroot, but is trivial to repoint to other distributions using an RPM later than rpm-4.0.x.

Q: Okay, I have that master build chroot (whatever that is). Then what do I do to start building?
A: For efficiency, we have adopted the practice of making a working copy of the master build chroot, building once, retrieving the results of the build out of the copy of the build chroot, and throwing the copy away.

This is overkill (some more sophisticated ways to the goal of avoiding build chroot pollution exist), but we have seem packagings 'in the wild' which work very hard to escape the build chroot.

Our script at: ftp://ftp.owlriver.com/pub/local/ORC/ORCrebuild/ORCbuildit should offer some clues; the copy of the buildroot is actually entered as a non-root user at the extended line toward bottom reading:
	#		now we build as non-root
	chroot $BUILDROOT/$TEMP sudo -u builder rpmbuild $NODEPS \
		-ba /usr/src/$DIST/SPECS/$j  \
		>>  $BUILDROOT/$TEMP/usr/src/$DIST/$NAME-build.txt    \
		2>> $BUILDROOT/$TEMP/usr/src/$DIST/$NAME-error.txt || \
		touch $BUILDROOT/$TEMP/usr/src/$DIST/$NAME-fail.txt
That script is tailored to produce lots of diagnostic information; it was written to assist gathering QA information as well, per this mailing list post.

In drafting stage

cAos website custom code Generate the nightly mailing on build success/failure - ORC_notify (sanitized to protect adopter's email addresses source URL)

Other Voices
Writing a .spec file -- references to 'rpm -ba' are obsolete; use 'rpmbuild -ba' in its place
Updated _Maximum RPM_ from CVS
Thomas VS' mach
mach mailing list
Enrico Scholz' fedora buildsystem document - vserver (patched kernel)
Mandrake RPM-devel package dependencies - (local PDF)
srpmcvsimport - Import several srpms into CVS
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