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  CVS, Subversion and Gnu-arch  
http://www.cvshome.org/ CVS, http://subversion.tigris.org/ Subversion, http://www.gnu.org/software/gnu-arch Gnu-arch, http://bazaar.canonical.com/ Bazaar (python implementation of Gnu-arch

SmartCVS - multi-platform CVS client
Smart Subversion multi-platform client for Subversion

Subversion Client with SSL and JavaHL Bindings

Subversion Eclipse Plugin

der Cederqvist (local .pdf) - Project Management with RCS and CVS slides
Cheatsheet Andrew Mileski - (Netwinder) - (local copy)
Red-Bean CVS Book site - Corolis CVS book Open Source Development with CVS - (local .pdf)
CVS Best Practices - (local .pdf)

Remember as well: the best documentation for a *nix system, (as with Dorothy seeking her heart's own desire, in _The Wizard of Oz_), may be right there on your own system. In an RPM packaged system, running rpm -ql cvs | grep ps will suggest the current directory containing several PostScript documents, and additional material worth reading. man pages some to mind as well (run rpm -ql | grep man).
Setting up CVS server - local
CVS Complied
CVS web - Ville Skytte (also here)

CVSTrac - CVS and Traq defect tracking integrated

Subversion Book

Other Neat Stuff

Red-Bean Folks

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Version control
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