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  Databases and Tools  

Databases and Database Tools


.dbf and FoxPro

xdb - Xbase, the XBase compatible C++ class library
XBSQL: An SQL Wrapper for the XBase library
Xbase File Format Description
Foxpro Printer handling - (local PDF)
training course skills PDF
Foxpro on Unix - (local PDF)
MS Product summary - (local PDF)
MS Politics - (local PDF)
Oracle migration generally -- Oracle Migration - (local PDF)
KDE frontend - MySQL, PostGreSQL, and ODBC

Office Suite

Uniplex - integrated office automation suite -- word processing, a spreadsheet, and the Informix relational database (forms, SQL, and report writer interfaces), with POP3 and IMAP server for electronic mail, a calendar/group scheduler, interface to LDAP directories, personal productivity applications, and business graphics


report manager -
Agata - Agata Report is a cross-platform database reporting tool with graph generation and a query tool that allows you to get data from PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, DB2, MS-SQL, Informix, InterBase, Sybase, or Frontbase and export that data as PostScript, plain text, HTML, XML, PDF, or spreadsheet (CSV) formats through its graphical interface
DataVision Open Source reporting tool similar to Crystal Reports - java

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